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The production technology to ensure the uniformity of beer f

2019-12-26 06:43:33
The unity of beer flavor is one of the important attributes of beer as a commodity. Today, small make up of jinan wine machinery equipment co., LTD will introduce the production technology to ensure the unity of beer flavor for you.
1, during the saccharification production, try not to open the saccharification pot, paste pot and other pot body into the hole, so as to avoid wort and oxygen excessive contact. Saccharification is an important stage for wort to absorb oxygen, so the time of malt grinding and the sealing of saccharification pot should be strictly controlled to avoid too long time for wort to rotate.
2. Strictly control the filtration speed and bath quality. A good filter layer should be formed to ensure that the filtered wort is clear and transparent. Wash the sink thoroughly, but not excessively, to avoid polyphenols dissolving out in large quantities. During washing, the general control residual sugar concentration is 1°P -- 1.5°P.
3. Boil the wort thoroughly. The boiling strength should be greater than 8% to ensure that the coagulable nitrogen of the wort can be removed. Protein aggregation is not sufficient, easy to produce protein turbidity, and ultimately affect the shelf life of finished beer.
4. Strictly control wort rotation and rest time. After the wort is boiled and set, a large amount of hot solidification will precipitate out. At the same time, there are still some small protein particles are not easy to settle, wort cyclotron can give small particles with centrifugal force, shorten the precipitation time. Wort rotation time is generally controlled between 30min - 40min
5, control the wort cooling, timely discharge cold solidification. The wort should be cooled rapidly after spinning. After the wort cools quickly, a large amount of cold solidification will precipitate out. At the same time, the lower the temperature of wort cooling, the more cold solidification. Generally, the cooling time is controlled below 60min. After a large amount of cold solidification enters the fermenter, it should be discharged in time. Otherwise, it will cause beer clarification slow and filtration difficulties.