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Effective measures to solve the problem of uneven filling qu

2019-12-26 06:43:09
Cans of filling machine production process will inevitably appear some quality problems, in order to keep the cans filler can better play a role, you need to the whole manufacturing process of strict quality control, it is often the case in beverage filling machine problems, is not the problem caused by product quality, but caused by wrong operation method, such as cans of filling machine is in use process often appear uneven filling quantity problem usually is caused by wrong operation method.
Effective measures to solve the problem of uneven filling quantity of cans:
At present, there are a lot of different products in the market, such as filling capacity, output and packaging, so the quality of products is uneven. If the quality of the purchased can filling machine is not up to standard, the effect of filling is a great influence, such as filling quantity is not uniform is a very common problem.
In the use of the can filling machine, if there is a similar phenomenon, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the equipment. First look at the filling machine parts of the joint there is no side leakage phenomenon, if found side leakage must re-lock the joint. Then see if its piston cylinder is leaking, if this is the problem, just replace a seal ring can be.
Can filling machine
But if it is not the problem of leakage, it is necessary to consider whether it is caused by the shortage of filling materials, then it is necessary to add materials. It may also be due to the speed of feeding and pushing, so the solution is the need to re-adjust the front and rear valves of the cylinder to achieve a stable state. In addition, the viscosity of the material is also a very important factor, because if this is not uniform will also cause the filling quantity is not uniform, so must be well controlled.
Cans of filling machine in continuous operation with all sorts of problems occurred in most of the reason is caused by non-standard operation method, for in the use of various problems encountered in the process of filling machine must find experienced professional personnel for processing, so as to reduce the equipment failure, to ensure that the cans filler reliable and stable operation for a long time!