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The function of stirring device in beer brewing equipment

2019-12-26 06:41:32
The most important function of beer brewing equipment is the stirring device, so what important role does the stirring device play in the brewing process? Today ji 'nan beer equipment manufacturers and you have a look.
In the heating stage, the stirring device of the hotel's beer equipment can raise and lower the mash, and the stirring blade should be placed at a lower position near the heating surface to strengthen heat conduction by generating as strong a convection as possible on the heating surface. Meanwhile, local overheating or pasting can be avoided.
On the contrary, in the resting stage, the impeller blade in the higher position is more favorable, because the "pumping effect" is significantly better than the lower position.
The stirring device is regulated by frequency conversion, which greatly increases the performance. The stirring speed can be adjusted flexibly according to the requirements of saccharification process, so as to adapt to saccharification steps, so as to control the convection velocity of mash and avoid excessive shear force. Especially in high concentration saccharification, the new agitator can show its incomparable advantages.
Agitator blade is the most critical part of the equipment, its form and quality directly affect the quality and effect of the reaction, supporting the production of propulsion-type, paddle type, turbine type, anchor type, screw type screw type five series agitators, can basically meet the requirements of various mixing technology. And according to the actual needs of two or more kinds of agitators combined into a compound agitator will achieve better stirring effect. Hotel beer equipment mixer, must use the long and wide paddle mixer, because the blade is long and wide and symmetrical Settings, heat in the convection to the heating medium, must ensure that local overheating, so as to keep the conduction constant.
In addition, should make full use of the original energy, shorten the contact time. Therefore, the use of long and wide, the outer edge of the symmetrical blade in the opposite direction is conducive to the uniform diffusion of heat.