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The product advantage of home-brewed beer

2019-12-26 06:40:18
Home brewed beer has several distinct characteristics compared to bottled and bottled beer sold on the market.
Nutrient-rich, pure fresh brewed beer contains rich protein, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other metal and nonmetal ions, is human body essential nutrients, brewed beer brewing process without thermal sterilization, so save the higher biological and non-biological, fermentation degree is high, the bottom of the residual sugar, long-term drinking will not get fat, and is rich in active yeast which could also help digestion, so home-brewed beer on the human body have to do nothing. Taste fresh pure: home-brewed beer production process is in the closed aseptic system, without pap thermal sterilization in bottled beer production process, so to avoid the heat sensitive material such as the vitamin in beer are destroyed, and brewing was the head of wort with filter directly to wine, so with strong malt fragrance, and taste after taste fresh, pure and clean;
Strong mouth killing ability: carbon dioxide is the soul of beer. Since the brewed beer is made directly from the fermentation tank, the temperature of the wine is low, without filtration, sterilization, canning, transportation and other complex processes, the overflow of carbon dioxide is less, and the content of carbon dioxide can be maintained for a longer time, so it has the characteristics of strong mouth killing ability.
Pleasant wine color: there are barley beer, wheat beer, spiral bath beer, aloe beer, ginger beer, jujube beer, stout beer, chocolate beer with different tastes in different colors, yellow, green, brown and black.
Adjustable taste: in order to make the mouth is not difficult to adjust, "home brew" to play its due function to solve your worries. In the process of brewing and fermentation you can completely master the wine indicators. For example, the color of the wine, the concentration of maltose, the degree of alcohol, the degree of bitterness, the amount of foam and the temperature of the wine.
Having a craft beer is like having a brewery in a hotel. Not only can produce cold fresh beer in summer, warm beer in winter, but also can provide health beer with different flavor and nutrition for different consumers, such as yellow beer, dark beer, red beer, spirulina green beer and ladies various fruit fresh beer. It can not only produce beer on site, but also allow customers to experience the unique charm of high-quality beer production while enjoying the high-level consumption.